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Used to vs To Be Used to vs To Get Used to

The structure used to is employed to talk about habits and customs that were or are be familiar to...

Verbs and Prepositions Collocations

A collocation is a pair or group of words that habitually appear together.

Verbs followed by Gerunds and Infinitives

There are some verbs that need to be followed by a gerund or infinitive.

Verbs Not Used in Passive

The verbs that cannot be made passive are usually the intransitive verbs, but also some of the transitive ones.

Verbs with Two Objects – Passive Voice

After some verbs, we could find two objects in the active voice, but in the passive voice, those objects...

Wh- Questions in Future Form

Wh- questions always begin with one of the wh- question words (interrogative pronouns), which show what kind of information...

Wh- Questions words: Who…?

The pronoun who is a wh-question used to ask about the subject of the action.

Would Like

Would like is used to express requests or offers more politely.

Would: Modals of Ability

The verb would is a modal verb used to express willingness in the past, polite request, preferences/desires, offers and...

Yes or No Questions in Future Form

Yes or no questions are also called closed questions or polar questions because the answer to them can only...

Zero Conditional

A conditional sentence is usually composed of two parts: the if-clause (or conditional clause) that expresses the condition, and...