Can: Modals of Ability

By in Grammar on June 22, 2016

Please choose the correct option for a meaningful sentence.

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1. The form  always changes depends on the person.

2. We use can to express requests: to demand something.

3. We use can to express possibilities: to talk about possible situations.

4. We use can to express offers: to make offers.

5. We use can to express permission: to ask or give permission.

6. A modal verb can is a type of auxiliary (helping) verb that has meaning on its own

7. We use can to express abilities: to be able to do something.

8. The verb can is a modal verb used to express willingness in the past.

9. We use can to express opportunities: to express the chance to do something.

10. We use can to express reproaches: to tell someone what we want them to do.

11. We use can to express general truths: to talk about things that are usually true.