Culture: Collective identity and lifestyle | English exercises

A2 - Theme 05

Collective identity: Feelings and belonging to the social sphere: Citizen participation and pluralism

Forms of social participation; Mechanisms of political participation.

A2 - Theme 05

Collective Identity: Feelings and belonging to the social sphere: Shaping of a collective identity

Elements which help to form a collective identity; Official and co-official languages.

A1 - Theme 04

Ethnic minorities

Main ethnic and religious minorities.

A1 - Theme 02

Festivals, Ceremonies and Celebrations: Celebrations and commemorative acts

Social Conventions and Behavior when Celebrating Birthdays.

A1 - Theme 02
A1 - Theme 03

Presence and integration of the cultures of foreign countries and towns

Types of Foreign Cultural Products which can be accessed; Types of Foreign Restaurants which are commonly found.

A1 - Theme 12

Spirituality and religion

Main Religions and Religious Beliefs; Places of Worship and Pilgrimage.

A1 - Theme 02

Tradition and social change

Times and Days of the Year in which Popular and Traditional Manifestations Take Place; Signs, Symbols and Objects Related...

A1 - Theme 02

Traditional celebrations

Significant Popular Celebrations.