Culture: Cultural products and creations | English exercises

A2 - Theme 06


Internationally Renowned Pieces of Architecture and Architects.

A2 - Theme 01

Cinema and theatrical arts: Cinema

Internationally Renowned Films; Internationally Renowned Film Directors; Internationally Renowned Actors and Actresses; The Importance of Alfred Hitchcock and His...

A2 - Theme 06

Cinema and theatrical arts: Dance

Internationally Renowned Dance Companies from the United Kingdom; Representative Dances of the United Kingdom.

A2 - Theme 06

Cinema and theatrical arts: Theatre

Playwrights and Internationally Renowned Theatre Works.

A2 - Theme 0

Literature and thought

Internationally renowned great authors and literary works; The importance of Shakespeare and his works in the history of world...

A2 - Theme 01

Music: Classical music

Internationally renowned composers; Internationally renowned classical music performers; Internationally renowned opera singers.

A2 - Theme 01

Music: Traditional and popular music

International singers and musical groups.

A2 - Theme 06

Visual arts: Painting

Importance and Place that the Main Paintings of the United Kingdom Occupy in the History of World Painting; Internationally...

A2 - Theme 06

Visual arts: Photography

Internationally Renowned Photographers and Photographs.

A2 - Theme 06

Visual arts: Sculpture

Internationally Renowned Sculptor and Sculptures.