A1 - Theme 01

Personal identification: Identity documents

Official Documents; Non-official Documents; Data which is often included in Personal Identity Document.

A1 - Theme 01

Personal identification: Names and surnames

Most Common Names and Surnames; Social Conventions and Behaviour.

A2 - Theme 07

Physical geography: Climates

Seasons; Use of Thermometer Scales - Celsius.

A2 - Theme 07

Physical geography: Geographically distinctive features

Geographical Features which are well-known Internationally.

A1 - Theme 04


National and regional ethnicity in the United Kingdom; Ethnic Minorities.

A1 - Theme 03

Presence and integration of the cultures of foreign countries and towns

Types of Foreign Cultural Products which can be accessed; Types of Foreign Restaurants which are commonly found.

A1 - Theme 12


Main Religions.

A1 - Theme 12

Security and the fight against crime

Law Enforcement Agencies.

A2 - Theme 03

Services: Cleaning and maintenance of public areas

Professions Associated to the Maintenance and Cleaning of Public Spaces; Behaviour Associated to Litter Collection.

A2 - Theme 03

Services: Parks and green areas

Famous Parks in the United Kingdom; Usual Elements in Parks; People Associated to the Care and Viligance of Parks;...

A2 - Theme 03

Services: Sports facilities

Main Public Facilities Designed for the Practice of Sports; Sport Facilities for the Practice of Professional Sport and for...

A2 - Theme 03

Services: Street installations

Furniture Associated to Places of Leisure and Relaxation; Night-time Illumination of Spaces, Monuments and Historic or Emblematic Buildings.

A2 - Theme 02

Shopping: Consumer habits

Utilities and measurements of groceries; Times of the Year in which the amount of Shopping Increases; Types of Containers;...

A2 - Theme 02

Shopping: Prices and methods of payment

Methods of Payment; Methods of payment related to the type of establishment or completed purchase; Times of big sales;...

A2 - Theme 02

Shopping: Shops and establishments

Types of establishments; Organisation of Products in Supermarkets and Shops; Products Commonly Associated with a Special Type of Establishment;...

A2 - Theme 12

Social and cultural events and people from social and cultural life

Great Social Events and Events of Social Life in the United Kingdom; Great Cultural Events in the United Kingdom;...

A2 - Theme 05

Social services and support programmes: Assistance for immigrants

The main origin of immigrants; The main regions welcoming immigrants.

A2 - Theme 05

Social services and support programmes: Assistance for older people

Minimum Retirement Age; Benefits which Older People Have.

A2 - Theme 05

Social services and support programmes: Assistance for people without economic resources

Places relating to the assistance for people without economic resources; Services offered by institutions and organisations.

A1 - Theme 12

Spirituality and religion

Main Religions and Religious Beliefs; Places of Worship and Pilgrimage.

A1 - Theme 09

Territorial and administrative organisation: Territorial and administrative divisions

Typical Dishes of Regional Areas; Popular Festivals in Regional Areas.

A1 - Theme 03

Territorial and administrative structure: Capitals, cities and towns

Capitals; Cities with an International Impact.

A1 - Theme 05

The family unit: Concept and structure

Concept and Types of Family Unit; Types of Links which Unite Couples; Concept of in-laws; Obligations.

A1 - Theme 02

Tradition and social change

Times and Days of the Year in which Popular and Traditional Manifestations Take Place; Signs, Symbols and Objects Related...

A1 - Theme 02

Traditional celebrations

Significant Popular Celebrations.

A2 - Theme 10

Travel, accommodation and transport: Airports, ports, railways and motorways

Types of ticket; Purchasing tickets for modes of transport; Facilities and services in the airport; Facilities and services in...

A2 - Theme 10

Travel, accommodation and transport: Hotels and accommodation

Types of accommodation according to its category and type of services; Hotel Facilities; Services Offered by Hotels.

A2 - Theme 10

Travel, accommodation and transport: Public transport

Main modes of public transport; Cities in the United Kingdom which have a metro system; Structure of metro networks;...

A2 - Theme 10

Travel, accommodation and transport: Travel

Behaviour Related to the Planning and Development of Travels; National and international tourist destinations which people from the United...

A2 - Theme 06

Visual arts: Painting

Importance and Place that the Main Paintings of the United Kingdom Occupy in the History of World Painting; Internationally...

A2 - Theme 06

Visual arts: Photography

Internationally Renowned Photographers and Photographs.

A2 - Theme 06

Visual arts: Sculpture

Internationally Renowned Sculptor and Sculptures.

A1 - Theme 07

Work and economy

Hours of Work, Breaks and Holidays; Areas of Cities where Offices are found; Classification of Individuals According to Their...