Imperative Mood

By in Grammar on June 23, 2016

Please choose the function of the imperative sentence.

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1. The imperative is used in affirmative and negative forms. Affirmative imperatives are used to motivate or force someone to do something; while we use negative imperatives to prevent someone from doing something.

2. The imperative mood implies the use of the first person (singular and plural).

3. We use imperatives to give orders (in most cases, with the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence).

4. We use imperatives to connect words, phrases, clauses and sentences and show relations between them.

5. We use imperatives to express things that we like.

6. We use imperatives to make an invitation (it is only used in the affirmative form).

7. We use imperatives to on signs/notices.

8. We use imperatives to give advice.

9. We use imperatives to give instructions.