Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of degree are used to provide information about the intensity of an action or adjective.The main adverbs of...

Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of frequency are used to give information about the frequency of an event.The main adverbs of frequency are:...

Al teléfono

Unidad D: Al teléfono

Aspectos del tiempo

Being able to introduce oneself.

Be going to

To be going to is a structure that refers to the future.

Can: Modals of Ability

The verb can is a modal verb used to express the idea of ability or opportunity, to express the...

Common Prepositions

Prepositions are small words that connect elements in a sentence. They are essential because they provide additional details about...

Comparisons with Adjectives and Adverbs

The comparison of adjectives and adverbs is used to compare things, people or actions, expressing the equalities or inequalities...

Compound Nouns

A compound noun is a noun formed by a combination of words.

Conjunctions: And, But, Because, When

Conjunctions are words that function as a link between different clauses or elements in sentence.The main conjunctions are: and,...

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable nouns are nouns considered as separate objects that can be counted with numbers.Uncountable nouns refer to things we...

Definite Articles

Articles are words that define nouns.We use the definite article to refer to specific things.

Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives are used to place objects in space and identify their position.Near: This/These Far: That/Those

Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns are determiners used instead of nouns to refer to things and identify their position and distance from...