Present Simple Affirmative

By in Grammar on June 20, 2016

Please choose the correct affirmative version of the verbs in Present Simple.

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Which is the correct sentence?
(Permanent situations)


Which is the correct sentence?
(Planned future)

3. Complete each dialogue using the appropriate words in the correct form.


boil | go | have | know | leave | promise | start | take


A: you your new job next week?

B: No, I . I this week.



A: you when the train ?

B: Yes, I . It at 11:23.

A: Great! you this train often?

B: Yes. I always to work on this train.



A: Hey, tell me about yesterday.

B: So, we to a great restaurant, dinner and a really nice conversation. It was great!

A: Oh, that's so nice.



A: I can't believe you broke my favourite mug.

B: I'm sorry. I I'll buy you the same one.

A: Okay, no problem.



A: How could you get this question wrong? Water boil at 80ºC.

B: Doesn't it?

A: No! It at 100ºC.



Which is the correct sentence?


Which is the correct sentence?

6. Fill in the blanks with the correct affirmative form of the verb in the present simple.


eat | leave | live | recover | start | transform | work


She in Istanbul.


They pasta everyday.


Teachers at a school.


I my new job on 17th September.


The train at 7 o'clock.


Real Madrid from two goals down.


The beast into a prince.

7. Which is the correct sentence?