Prepositions of Time

By in Grammar on September 3, 2016

Please choose the correct preposition of time for a meaningful sentence.

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1. Prepositions of time make it possible to locate an event in a specific moment or period.

2. Prepositions of time are used to express the location of something or someone.

3. In is used to with months, years, centuries, seasons, the morning, the afternoon, the evening.

4. At is used to with exact times (the momentsunrisenoonnightmidnighthours), special holiday periods (Christmas*, Easter…), weekend.

5. We use prepositions of time to locate an event in a space frame.

6. By is used to with time-limited actions, projects with deadline, time of someone's return.

7. On is used to with days of the week (MondaySaturdayWednesday…), dates and specific part of the day (on Sunday morning).