Active and Passive Adjectives

Adjectives can be used with active or passive voice.

Adverbs Formation

Adverbs are expressions that function as modifiers of other elements in the clause. They can provide a wide range...

Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of degree or intensifiers are used to provide information about the intensity of an action or adjective.

Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of frequency are used to provide information about the frequency of an event.

Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of manner are used to provide information about the way (how) something is done.

Adverbs of Place

Adverbs of place provide information about the place of an action.

Adverbs of Time

Adverbs of time are used to provide information about the time.


Internationally Renowned Pieces of Architecture and Architects.

Be going to

We can use be going to to express commands, predictions and things that are about to happen.

Can and Could: Modals of Ability

Could is the past form of the modal verb can. These are types of modal auxiliary verbs used to...

Cinema and theatrical arts: Cinema

Internationally Renowned Films; Internationally Renowned Film Directors; Internationally Renowned Actors and Actresses; The Importance of Alfred Hitchcock and His...

Cinema and theatrical arts: Dance

Internationally Renowned Dance Companies from the United Kingdom; Representative Dances of the United Kingdom.

Cinema and theatrical arts: Theatre

Playwrights and Internationally Renowned Theatre Works.

Collective identity: Feelings and belonging to the social sphere: Citizen participation and pluralism

Forms of social participation; Mechanisms of political participation.

Collective Identity: Feelings and belonging to the social sphere: Shaping of a collective identity

Elements which help to form a collective identity; Official and co-official languages.

Common Adjective and Preposition Combinations

Certain adjectives are used only with specific prepositions.

Comparative Clauses: As … as

The comparative of equality (as…as clause) is used to compare things, people or actions, expressing the equalities or inequalities...

Comparisons with Like

Like as a verb is used to express things we enjoy and take pleasure in.

Ecology and environment: National parks and tourist routes

Types of Natural Parks; Types of Routes.

Education and culture: Education centres

Types of Education Centres; Division of Teaching in Levels of Education; The obligation of and Having Basic Education; Facilities...

Education and culture: Libraries, museums and cultural centres

Main Services Offered by Libraries; Types of Museums; Library, cultural centre and museum times; Price of Museum Tickets.