Common Prepositions of Time and Place

By in Grammar on June 23, 2016

Please choose the correct preposition to make a meaningful sentence.

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1. We use from to express starting point of a movement

2. We use In to express being inside a closed 3-dimensional place.

3. We use For to express with the purpose of…

4. Prepositions are the result of the combination of a preposition and other elements of the sentence (nouns, pronouns, gerunds…).

5. We use With to express accompanied by…

6. We use On to express being on a surface and having some contact with it.

7. Prepositions is used with double object verbs.

8. Prepositions don’t stand alone, but rather act with other elements of the sentence to create the main sense. Some of the most common prepositions are prepositions of movement, time or place.

9. We use To to express moving towards a destination.

10. We use By to express using the means of…

11. We use At to express being in a specific place.