Past Continuous Affirmative

By in Grammar on September 2, 2016

Plase choose the correct form of the verbs using Past Continuous Tense.

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1. Past continuous is used in an event that was occurring at an exact time in the past (expressing the date, hour or giving specific time information about an event in progress occurring at a past time).

2. Past continuous is used in an uninterrupted action which was in progress for a while (event in progress in the past during an extended period of time).

3. The past continuous, in its affirmative form, is used after the main verb.

4. We use the past continuous tense, in its affirmative form, to confirm events or activities taking place in the past. We usually intend to show that they lasted for a long time.

5. We use the past continuous, in the affirmative form, to deny situations that occurred in the past and were in progress at every moment during a period of time.

6. Past continuous is used in a longer background action interrupted by an unexpected shorter one (something suddenly happens while another longer event was already in progress).